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Company Profile:


Warren Chem is a leading supplier of high quality raw materials to the following industries in South Africa and its neighbouring countries
  Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical
  Food and Beverage
  Chemical and Fine Chemical

Founded in 1991, Warren Chem is a privately owned dedicated family business employing people with a wealth of experience and expertise that extends over a period of more than 30 years.

Today and into the future you can count on us as a reliable and efficient partner.



  Customer Focus
We aim to satisfy and exceed our customers’ expectations in quality assurance, technical support and service delivery
  Staff Focus
As a service-orientated company, we value our people as our most important asset.  We nurture a healthy working environment and provide opportunities for training and development to help individual staff members reach their maximum potential
  Sound Business Ethics
Warren Chem operates with integrity and commits to do business in an ethical manner at all times
  Social and Environmental Responsibility
Warren Chem realises the important role it has to play in the upliftment of the greater community and the protection of the environment


Our total commitment to quality assurance is supported by our approved suppliers, who are prime producers of pharmaceutical, herbal/natural, food and chemical raw materials around the world
Our principal suppliers invest heavily in research and development, and are continuously striving to offer new and innovative ingredients
Our close associations with our principal suppliers ensure that our customers always receive the best possible service and have access to our suppliers’ technical expertise
These suppliers conform to international quality standards such as ISO, HACCP and/or GMP
We, as an ISO-certified company, guarantee that the systems are in place to maintain quality and traceability throughout the supply chain
    View Warren Chem’s ISO Certificates:


Building relationships and partnerships with our customers is at the core of our business and we aim to provide excellent service at all times
This has helped us to grow into a well-established, well-respected supplier of raw materials in all our fields of activity
In conjunction with our suppliers, we are able to offer our customers comprehensive technical support in their application of the products in our range
We are a dynamic company that actively sources and promotes new and innovative ingredients on an ongoing basis


Warren Chem operates from two modern warehousing and distribution facilities in Cape Town and Johannesburg
Outsourced transport complements Warren Chem’s own fleet of vehicles
These facilities provide the necessary platform for efficient operation and service delivery to customers throughout South Africa and its neighbouring countries

Social Responsibility

Warren Chem is involved in various projects to assist in the upliftment of staff and  people in our greater community:
  Vocational Skills Development
  Personal Skills Development
  Bursaries for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education
  Support of various Charities
Environmental Policy
  Warren Chem is committed to the ongoing process of minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.
  The key points of its strategy to achieve this are:
  • Meet or exceed all relevant environmental legislation
  • Practice the principles of the 3 Rs: Reduce, Re-use & Recycle
  • Actively create awareness among our staff of the potential effects of their daily activities on the environment, and how they can work towards minimising these effects, both in the workplace and in their homes
  • Convey to our customers, industry associates, suppliers and the general public our strong environmental commitment, and encourage them to adopt similar principles
Warren has procedures in place for handling chemical spills,  transportation of dangerous or hazardous goods and safe disposal of waste
An appointed Safety Committee monitors health, safety and environmental concerns on a continuous basis
    View Warren Chem’s Environmental Policy Statement

Going Forward

We are continuously looking for progressive suppliers and customers with whom we can align ourselves
We firmly believe in developing lasting fruitful partnerships that enable us to sustain growth without compromising our core values
  We look forward to hearing from you!
Contact Information - Cape Town: T +27 21 556 1920 | Johannesburg: T +27 11 396 3733 |

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