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Food and Beverage:

As the global health trend intensifies, and consumer awareness of the relationship between nutrition and health takes root, food manufacturers aim to produce products that consumers will perceive to be healthy or health-giving.  This may involve fortification with vitamins and minerals, or the reduction of salt content.

In addition to choosing food and drinks that will help maintain health, consumers are seeking to enhance physical or mental performance and prevent or reduce the risk of disease by the choices they make.  To this end, food and beverage formulators need to consider the addition of functional ingredients that provide specific added health benefits, without compromising taste.

We offer regular and speciality ingredients for application in the Dairy, Baking and Beverage industries:

  Vitamins   Additives
  Minerals   Functional Ingredients
      Exclusive Supply Partnerships with:
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    Dr Paul Lohmann   Dr Paul Lohmann - Mineral Salts
    William Blythe   William Blythe - Potassium Iodide and Potassium Iodate
    Emerald Kalama (Noveon)   Emerald Kalama (Noveon) - Sodium Benzoate
    Secna   Secna - Anthocyanins
    Diana Naturals
      Diana Naturals -

    Fruit, Vegetable & Meat Powders, Flakes & Extracts

    - Natural Flavours & Colours
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