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Warren Chem is able to offer an extensive range of high-quality ingredients to manufacturers of dietary supplements and herbal preparations.

The global quest for health and wellness has permeated the South African market.  In an effort to go “natural” and minimise the use of prescription drugs, well-informed consumers have embraced complementary and alternative medicines in the self-treatment of minor ailments and in combination with conventional drugs for more serious disease conditions.  In addition, consumers recognise the value of the regular use of vitamins, minerals, herbal preparations and other dietary supplements in promoting wellness and preventing disease.

Our principal suppliers are constantly striving to provide new and innovative ingredients for the nutraceutical market.  In many cases, these are unique, branded ingredients that provide our customers with the edge when developing formulations aimed at a specific target market.

  Vitamins   Herbal Extracts
  Minerals   Essential Oils & Balsams
  Amino Acids   Animal Organ/ Gland Extracts
  Herbal Powders   Speciality Ingredients
      Exclusive Supply Partnerships with:
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    Algry   Algry - Choline and choline-derived products
    AMT Laboratories   AMT Laboratories - Mineral Amino Acid Chelates
    Arjuna Natural Extracts
      Arjuna Natural Extracts - Nutraceutical Extracts and Omega-3
      Astareal - Astaxanthin
    B.I. Nutraceuticals (Botanicals)   B.I. Nutraceuticals (Botanicals) -

    Nutraceutical ingredients

    Blue California   Blue California - Nutraceutical Extracts
    Diana Naturals
      Diana Naturals - Fruit & Vegetable Powders & Extracts
    Dixa   Dixa - Herbal Extracts and Powders
    Dr Paul Lohmann   Dr Paul Lohmann - Mineral Salts
    Frutarom   Frutarom - Standardised Herbal Extracts
    Galke   Galke - Herbal Extracts and Powders
    Gustav C Meht   Gustav C Meht - Essential Oils and Balsams
      ICI Argentina - Tartaric Acid
    Pembroek   Pembroek - Herbal Extracts and Flavours
    Purextract   Purextract - Nutraceutical Extracts
    Contact Information - Cape Town: T +27 21 556 1920 | Johannesburg: T +27 11 396 3733 |

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