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Iron sulfate sold as copperas can be used, as well as any product which has at least 16% iron as a component of the mix-- such as Ironnate or Iron Plus (16% iron plus nitrogen), or glauconite (Greensand with 18% iron- use 10 pounds per 100 square feet).

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HydrangeasAluminum sulfate question daves all summer?

Since ammonium sulfate is 21 percent nitrogen, then 5 pounds of 21-0-0 delivers about 1 pound of nitrogen. However, I find this rate is higher than necessary and lawns do just fine at half to

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Optimization of Drinking Water Treatment Process by

reduce aluminum sulfate consumption by more than 10%. Thus, the model can be applied in determining aluminum doses in the water treatment plant and can be extended to others.

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How To Change Your Soil's pH Iowa State University

However, aluminum sulfate and iron sulfate must be applied at a 5 to 6 times greater rate. Do not apply more than 5 pounds per 100 square feet of aluminum or iron sulfate at any one time. Excessive amounts of these two sulfates can also injure plants.

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Conversion from aluminum sulfate to poly aluminum chloride

aluminum sulfate (alum) alum has been used since the plant was first put in service in 1928 it has been used for different purposes for hundreds if not thousands of years very common in water and wastewater treatment plants as a coagulant it brings charged particles in the water

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Aluminum Sulphate To Blue Up Hydrangeas Piece of Eden

Yes, aluminum sulphate works, but like the old joke about voting, you have to do it early and often at least once a month, before and during bud formation. I followed package directions, which meant two tablespoons in a gallon of water.

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